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Hi, I’m Jen Sugermeyer

You’re an amazing leader.  You juggle a million pieces.
When did you stop living and start existing? 
Let’s get you back in the game!



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Hi, I’m Jen- and I’ve been there!

For 15 years I climbed the corporate ladder- and I had an impressive career and life resume.  I contract with Department of Defense, Department of State, worked in both public and private equity companies.  From Afghanistan to DC to California to Texas- I spent my time chasing the next best resume builder.  And- I had it all!  Life looked amazing!  But…it wasn’t.

My life was a facade.  

I spent years trying to feel whole, trying to find happiness.  I watached life pass me by and I wondered when it would be my turn for love, my turn for happiness, my turn for peace.  I wondered how I could shake the deamons that existed behind closed doors and the negative thoughts that encompassed my life. 

I wanted close relationships, I wanted one life I could be proud to share with other, I wanted to live the life that younger version of me envisioned- not this slave to a destructive mind that existed that I kept hidden.   

I waste thousands of dollars and wasted over a decade trying to piece it back together.  


I help executive women develop a new mindset, reconnect w/ themselves, and learn to respect the woman in the mirror again so they can lead more joyful, purposeful and intentionally driven lives.

 Life happens!  It piles on all of us!  And, before we know it, we’re existing.  Stop existing, un-stuck yourself and start living!  More purpose, more intent, more happiness, more energy, more success, more passion- we all want that- and I can help you get there!

I want to help you achieve that personal and professional growth you know you’re capable of.  The fire that was once there, that vibrant and energetic person, that passionate go-getter is still there, and I can help you uncover her.

I follow my proven, trademarked methodology to help you RESET™ your life.  It’s a holistic approach to ensure you have a bullet proof mindset, surroundings, and outlook to get you back to the YOU you know you once were!



OMG- it just “CLICKED”!  I feel so relieved; like a weight was lifted off me!  Thank you, Jen!  You have been Instrumental for healing and repositioning my life for greater things to come!



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1:1 Coaching

In less than an hour every other week, you can get un-stuck and go from existing back to being vivacious, intentionally driven, energetic and loving the person you see in the mirror! 

Keynote Speaker

Want to deliver an unforgettable and inspirational message to your audience?  Jen’s story and message will have your audience on their feet and a speech that will be with them for a lifetime!


Enhance your panel and podcasts with Jen as you get the opportunity to dig deep and get personal with Jen.  Talk about mindset hacks, tips for success, the importance of staying connected with oneself, mental health and more!

My Books

Jen has published 2 #1 Best Selling Books.  Good for the home, good for the office.  Make sure you get a copy today!  Found on most online book stores, including Amazon, Barnes N Nobel, iTunes and Audible!

Ready To Get Started?

Don’t let life pass you by any longer.  Don’t question what speaker you want at your next event.  Stop researching your next panel guest.  Contact Jen today!

Jen is so authentic.  Her story will help a lot of people.

- Duane Osterlind

As humans we all have our ups and downs.  But when you get in a rut of depression, low self-esteem, and/or addiction and can’t grow out of it yourself, Jen Sugermeyer’s RESET methodology might just be the ticket to help you personally regain control of your life and love yourself once again.

- Mike Grannan, Vice President

OMG- it just “CLICKED”!  I feel so relieved; like a weight was lifted off me!  Thank you, Jen!.  You have been Instrumental for healing and repositioning my life for greater things to come!

- Anonymous

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