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Jen Sugermeyer

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Quit pushing through this life!  I help you transform your experience in life to meet your expectations and experience peace, clarity, fulfillment, and happiness.  My goal for you is to live life, not just go through the motions. 

The good news?  Everything you need is already inside of you.  You don’t have to compromise your happiness, sanity, and dreams to have it all- you just need a little mental maintenance- we all do!  Let’s transform how you show up in the office, at home, and in life!  This is your one shot at life, it can happen to you- or you can happen to it.  

The “Confidence Queen

Are you happening to life,

or is life happening to you?

Build the life you want.

Be the person you know is inside.

Do you ask yourself ‘is this all life is’? 

Do you find vacations are the only time you get a break?

Is life happening to you, or are you happening to life?

Are you existing or living?


              Primary Services

Jen offers her clients an array of services and mediums to level up their experience in their personal and professional lives.  

Contact Jen today to learn more about how she can help you.

ICF Certified Coach

 Jen is certified through the International Coaching Federation.  She offers 1:1 personal and Corporate leadership coaching.

Keynote/Motivational Speaker

Jen will leave your audience energized and inspired to take action with a speech that is relatable and attainable.

Corporate Services

Jen offers Leadership Coaching, Strategic Alignment Consulting, and Lunch & Learns to corporations


Jen has written 3 life-changing books on how to improve your game by tapping into your mind and making small modifications to your life.

Block Support Hours

Jen offers hours on retainer for that extra coaching, motivation, confidence boost.  Consumed as YOU need.  Not a program.

Online Courses

Jen offers online courses through her learning management platform so learning can happen at your convenience!

What to Expect


Strengthened Mindset


Clarity & Flow




Improved Health


Start living life, not just existing through it

Ready For Change?


Jen has authored three books, along with other publications found at such universities as Cambridge.  Find here books here:


Jen’s first best-selling book, RESET, details her trademarked coaching program; Recognize, Eliminate, Structure, Elevate, Transform.

Defining Your Boundaries

Jen’s second best-selling book, Defining Your Boundaries, walks the reader through why we need boundaries and how to implement them in our everyday lives.

Confidence is Queen

The queen is the most powerful player in the game of chess; she can make all the moves.  With confidence, you too can make all the moves!  Elevate your potential, impact, and experiences!

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About Jen

Years ago, life was 100% happening to me.  During my 15-year corporate career as an IT leader, I found myself caught in the whirlwind of life.   I got frustrated, I was resentful, I found myself angry- and it happened more than I led on.  I kept wondering, when is it my turn to enjoy life and be happy?

I was pretty unsatisfied in many areas of my life, even though it looked like I had it all; the good job, the house, the body, the friends.  Then, I hit my breaking point;


That’s when I set out to figure out what was going on with me and why did I feel like I was existing through this life- I wanted to be living it!

Turns out, I wasn’t taking control of my life.  I discovered the tools to step into the most powerful version of myself.  My professional and personal life changed!  And now, I help others tap into their clarity, peace, flow, and happiness so they are operating at their highest potential every day!

Schedule a free consultation with me to understand how I can help you, your organization, or your leaders become the best version of themselves with the clarity and peace to do anything!

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Dallas, TX

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