Embarking on a journey of recovery, I’ve learned that life is about perspective.  When I was deep-seeded in my addictions and depression, I was always the victim.  Everything in my life was always about me- and the world was against me. 

  • I was single- and I was lonely
  • I wasn’t wealthy- and everyone was always celebrating something that required a gift
  • I had no family in Dallas- and holidays lost their appeal
  • My work was stressful- and it was one unnecessary challenge after another

Why was I always the victim, why was the world against me, and why did I feel powerless?  How was a seemingly strong, corporate business woman able to hold her life together in the office, and spiral outside of work?  I started to pay attention to my mind, self-reflected and meditated for the first time.  I realized I had little control over my life, because I had given the power of my mind away.   I wanted the power back.  

I started holding myself accountable for my thoughts and my actions, and was amazed at just how often I was conditioned to naturally think or react to a situation negatively.  Until I started to remove negativity did I realize just how much weight I carried around with me.  The more I was aware of the shackles the heavier they felt, and the more determined I was to be free. 

I aimed to block negativity before it started, and I had to be cognizant when it was happening.  I kept trigger words in my pocket for when I started to go to a dark place in my mind and get myself back on track.  When I felt myself getting angry, feeling like a victim, or judging others- I’d say a trigger word over-and-over until I pulled myself out of that mindset and flipped the situation around.  It was work, and I had to be in a constant state of awareness of where my thoughts wandered.  For years, I had allowed my thoughts to run rampant, and there I was- unraveling years of programming.

Reframing the way I viewed the world, myself, my situation took a solid 6 months for me to really start to see progress.  Yes, I saw some immediate impacts, but the conditioning took time to naturally think positively.  One morning, while I reflected on my way into work I realized for the first time- I genuinely felt happy!  I looked at my life and I actually didn’t see anything different in my circumstance, it was in my mind all along!

  • I was single- and I was happy to have the space to figure out who I was and I loved owning my schedule
  • I wasn’t wealthy- but  I was blessed to be given friends and family to celebrate
  • I had no family in Dallas- but I had family- which many do not
  • My work was stressful- but I was grateful to be able to pay my bills and go into an office where I was proficient with my role

My situations were the same, but the way I viewed them were different.  I had become grateful and blessed, and left behind the angry victim I had become- with literally zero change to my life circumstances!

It’s perspective- you choose what you see.

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