Jen goes global and speaks with the fabulous Liz in the UK on addiction and recovery. Liz gets down to the nitty-gritty and asks Jen the challenging questions about her past, her struggles, her success, and how she maintains her new life.   These ladies open up and get real with each other and the listeners about overcoming odds.  This talk is raw yet refined, click the link below to her this must hear interview!

“Today I Am Sober” is a podcast which celebrates the joy of being sober. It provides useful & actionable tips on how to bring even more joy into your recovery.

Hosted by Liz W a successful corporate woman who secretly needed 3 bottles of Pinot Grigio a night then 6 cans of Red Bull to function the next day at work. She checked into rehab on 26th September 2013 and hasn’t had a drink since because as she says every morning & night “Today I Am Sober”. Liz left her corporate role in 2016 and has since been self-employed. 

Liz is on a mission to show that living a sober life with joy is possible and that ANYONE can be an alcoholic and recover. #AlcoholismDoesntDiscriminate

This is a not-for-profit podcast, and by supporting us you’ll help cover our costs of running the podcast.

This podcast is dedicated to those men & women Liz has met who have died of alcoholism and their surviving families.

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