In this episode Jen Sugermeyer is a guest speaker with Champ’Ron speaks about using your strengths for your business. Using her RESET methodology, they talk through dedication and determination to bring you out on top! Click the URL to listen below.

Enough is Enough! Time to R.E.S.E.T Our Corporate Lives:

Recognize – Recognizing and committing to change in the business space

Eliminate – Eliminate what’s been holding you down and keeping you from happiness in your workplace

Structure – Structure your mind and life to create a bulletproof lifestyle that will propel you into success

Elevate – Elevate your life to new heights by uncovering your purpose

Transform – Create a lifestyle to support lasting change in your business life

About Ron ‘Champ’ Brooks: Entrepreneurship……real estate……trending news…..there’s no business like minding your own! Host Ron “Champ” Brooks, a business consulting strategist and avid cheeseburger lover, takes you through applicable best practices for your business or organization, your own personal growth, investing in residential and commercial property, and tackling today’s news stories. New episodes are released every Friday afternoon!

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