The brilliant Lisa Pezik is a marketing expert and helps give her listeners the mindset for success. She gives tools, teachings, and real talk that inspires you to take action in your health, career, relationships, and happiness!

Her passion is to teach her clients how to get clear on their message, transition when things aren’t working, be visible both online and offline, and always share where the content and digital marketing space is headed. She and her team help with both an online and offline presence, so that potential customers take notice fast!

In this episode we dive into:

1.   The feelings of being disconnected and how you know you’re “off.”

2.   Going from despair to hope for change

3.   How to ACCEPT help

4.   The little games we can play with ourselves for quick wins

5.   Why she doesn’t fear relapse

6.   Why it’s important to get honest with yourself

To learn more about Lisa and her services:

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