Welcome to the first-ever episode of Level Up To 2.0 podcast where we get real, raw, and honest about leveling up our lives to get to the next best version of ourselves!

The show will feature thought leaders who have leveled up their lives and are willing to be candid about their journey, their learnings, and even their struggles. Life has a lot of ups and downs and we need to learn and grow and through all of it- especially the lows. This podcast is a place where you can go get real about life, real about the struggles, and proven ways to get out of where you are at and level up your life.

If you are stuck personally or professionally then this is the place for you!

This is your show- and you tell us what you want to talk about. Find us on jensugermeyer.com to submit your questions. or topics.

In this first episode, we dig into the topic of leveling up because we need to define our WHY in order to fully understand the purpose of the show. WHAT does it mean to level up and WHY it is so important to our everyday lives. You will meet your host and get to know more about the best-selling author, keynote speaker, and life coach, Jen Sugermeyer. Oh, and remember….that’s SUGER with an ‘E’!

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