How can you expect to level up if you hide things from yourself and don’t get honest about where you are at?!

In this episode, we talk about a fundamental concept you need to get comfortable with in order to make the change in your life: honesty. If you hide what is really going on then you can’t address it. It’s like a fire that you keep hidden and ignore it. Before you know it, it will have turned into a full-blown fire that you now have to tame.

Get honest, get real, and not just with yourself, but with others as well. Let others help you. Let others support you. Let others know where you’re coming from so they are in alignment on your journey.

Honesty is a key principle to your transformation to the next best version of you.

On Level Up To 2.0 we get real, raw, and honest about our lives and how we’ve reached the next best level of ourselves. We hear from thought leaders, coaches, experts, we hear from you- and together we learn and grow from each other. Life is chalked full of lessons; lessons in the good, the bad, and in the unexpected. Leave shame and stigma at the door- this show says it like it is unapologetically- with one mission in mind….to Level Up To 2.0!

Your host, Jen Sugermeyer, is an entrepreneur, life coach, keynote speaker, author, and is on a mission to help others improve their quality of life. Jen has undergone her own transformation after becoming disconnected from herself as she navigated the waters of life and watched her life dangerously spin out of control. Ashamed of the backlash for asking for help, she suffered in silence for decades until she finally had her ah-ha moment. It wasn’t the jails, wasn’t the hospitals, wasn’t the many lows she encountered- it was 7 words that changed her life forever. Tune in to learn more from Jen- she’s stepping out of the darkness to help bring light to the world. Mind hacks, tips and tricks, lessons learned…she and her guests bear it all!

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