Imagine what it would be like to fall in love with and marry someone you know is dying? Author, Nicholas Strand, met the love of his life while she battled Cystic Fibrosis. Although their physical time ended, their story has just begun.

Nicholas’ late wife — Brianna — inspired him to see the gift of choice we are given daily, allowing us to shape our experiences to create a life we seek no matter the circumstances. Nick has continued to grow through the passing of his wife and Brianna’s message found an even more profound meaning in his life after her death.

Today, Nick carries on the message and inspires others with his book, his merchandise, and his message. Make sure to go grab a copy of the book and a shirt. I love my t-shirt! It promotes such a positive message not only for myself but also for everyone I come in contact with. Go to: and get yours today!

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Your host, Jen Sugermeyer, is an entrepreneur, life coach, keynote speaker, author, and is on a mission to help others improve their quality of life. Jen has undergone her own transformation after becoming disconnected from herself as she navigated the waters of life and watched her life dangerously spin out of control. Ashamed of the backlash for asking for help, she suffered in silence for decades until she finally had her ah-ha moment. It wasn’t the jails, wasn’t the hospitals, wasn’t the many lows she encountered- it was 7 words that changed her life forever. Tune in to learn more from Jen- she’s stepping out of the darkness to help bring light to the world. Mind hacks, tips and tricks, lessons learned…she and her guests bear it all!

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