Boy, haven’t we all looked back in hindsight and thought, that was a red flag! In this episode, we talk to the author of “Was That A Red Flag”, Dean Anderson, who talks to us a little more about how to identify those flags, those signs, those warnings, when it comes to relationships so you too can have the soulmate of your dreams.

Dean Anderson is a 47 year old Dad, Husband, Brother and Son living in Austin TX, but born and raised just south of Boston, MA. He’s married to his 2nd wife, and love of his life, Cindy Anderson. The two have a blended family made up of 3 daughters and 1 son. Dean is a proud person in recovery and has been living a sober life for 8 yrs now. Sobriety led him to a wonderful marriage which prompted him to write a book on relationships and purpose called “Was That a Red Flag?”

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Your host, Jen Sugermeyer, is an entrepreneur, life coach, keynote speaker, author, and is on a mission to help others improve their quality of life. She’s been featured and interviewed on FOX, ABC, CBS,, M2 The Rock Radio, Recovery Today Magazine and on more than 50 TV, radio shows, magazines and podcasts. She’s the author of 2 #1 best-selling books, “RESET” and “Defining Your Boundaries”.

Jen spent 15 years in corporate America, living and working in locations from DC to Afghanistan to Cali and now in Texas. While climbing the corporate ladder, Jen became so focused on her life and responsibilities that she had jumped on the hamster wheel and stopped living! Her hamster wheel lead her to a lot of negative and dramatic places- of which she has now left in the past. Today, she helps leaders break out of that existing mode, step into their place of power, and experience higher levels of health, wealth, and love.

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