I had a few people tell me this last week that I was brave for making a shift in my career. I understand they meant it’s brave to shift gears, become an entrepreneur, to step into an unknown world, but I couldn’t help but think of people who never do the same. Stepping into your purpose isn’t scary, it’s your life design! It’s what you were made for, and when we know what we’re made for then EVERYTHING is possible! It’s your right to step into your purpose and it’s what should be fueling you! I go back to the question I always ask, are you happening to life, or is life happening to you? Where is your purpose in the mix?!

Hear how we tie in tide pods and bleach into this animated discussion! We get real, raw, and honest- and you should be doing the same with your own life! Tune in to hear why you don’t have to be brave to step into your purpose- it’s your right!

To learn more about Jen, go to www.jensugermeyer.com to learn about her speaking, 1:1 coaching, books, and more!

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