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Online  5-Step RESET™ Plan

What would your life look like if you started living it again?  You’re a good leader- you take care of all your responsibilities, but have you taken the time for you?  Does life feel a bit like the movie Groundhog’s Day and you’re ready to break free from it?

Jen’s 5-Step RESET™ Plan is an all-encompassing approach to take you from being stuck and existing to free and living!  With the overwhelming success of the 1:1 coaching program, Jen is now offering her course entirely online as well!  Here, you can self pace and follow along with the same content you would get as working with Jen in her 1:1 program!

Like her 1:1 course, this is designed to flex with your busy schedule, you won’t need to clear your schedule to change your life and start living more powerfully and limitlessly!

You’ll look at mindset, what doesn’t serve you, how to structure your space so you stay protected from outside forces, and how to exist daily in an elevated state! You’ll look at the ingredients in your space and make sure you’ve got the right mixture to take you to that next best version of yourself.

Become that better leader, become that better friend, become that better parent, become that better version of you because life is just too short to not be happy or at your best.







What you’ll gain from this program:

Clarity about life again

Start living more powerfully

Stop existing and start living

Unstuck yourself

Learn to love and respect the person in the mirror

Higher levels of energy and vitality

Reclaim that life you thought was gone

Deepen and strengthen relationships

Move from a state of suffering to one of peace, happiness, and joy

Improve you health

Enhance you self-esteem

Learn the importance of boundaries

Become the person you knew you were capable of being!


Recognize that you are in a place you no longer want to be and commit to change.  We’ll set the right foundation in your mind for the powerful road you are about to embark on.



Eliminate what doesn’t serve you and has been holding you back from the person you know you want to be.


Structure your life in a way that prevents what doesn’t serve you from entering your space and weighing you down.

  • Elevate your life to new heights and uncover your purpose.  Experience true freedom and happiness in this elevated state that you now have built for yourself.

  • Create a lifestyle to support this transformational change in your life forever!
Who is this program for:



Corporate climbers

If you’re stuck

If you’re existing in life

If your marriage needs enhancing or you’re divorced

If you find your friendships aren’t close like they used to be

If you don’t recognize the person in the mirror

If you lost the lust for life

If you have a double life you’re tired of hiding

If you’re ready to get your life back and live again

CHANGE YOUR LIFE TODAY!- 100% Guaranteed!

Jen  not only coaches this exact program with her 1:1 clients, but it’s the program she used for her own transformation. 15-year corporate leader who woke up one day and didn’t recognize the woman in the mirror.  She has lost the vitality for life, she was existing, she thought she was destined for the lonely and hollow feelings she felt inside until she discovered this program.  She realized the answer came from within and that every other solution or ‘quick fix’ program didn’t attack the problem head on (she tried all of them- NLP, therapy, groups, acupuncture, Chinese herbs….).  For 10-years she battled internally to break free from a life of addiction, self-hate, and watched her happiness and health circle the drain.

So why Jen?  Because she’s been there.  She boldly stepped out to share this program and her story with you because she believes in it and lives it every day.

If you’re stuck, you’re in the right place.  Embark on this incredible journey with Jen- it will be the best decision you could make for the past, present, and future you!

Change your life today- 100% Guaranteed!





Are you ready to rid yourself of anger, fear, frustration, resentment, and all states of negativity?  Life is too short to be unhappy, but it doesn’t have to be.  Your mind is the most powerful asset you have it’s about understanding how to engage the tools you already have and make a beautiful reality.  Why wait?  You aren’t getting any younger and you lose out every moment you aren’t living in a beautiful state of being.  This took me decades and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of coaching- and it’s yours for less than $100!

Change your life today- 100% Guaranteed!

Ready to RESET™ your life?!

The fastest way to RESET™ your life and unlock your full potential is by following this simple, poven 5-step methodology that will give you clarity, peace, strength, purpose and intent.

Your problem isn't the problem

The thing you think is the problem, isn’t.  By tapping into your true source of positive energy, you will eliminate the negativity so that you can break free and let go of what weighs you down and finally experience true freedom and joy.

1 simple strategy yields huge results

By eliminating 90% of what you are currently doing and focusing on this one strategy that does not require any financial investment or leaving the comfort of your home you will experience happiness again.


“OMG- it just “CLICKED”!  I feel so relieved; like a weight was lifted off me!  Thank you, Jen!  This has been Instrumental for healing and reposition my life for greater things to come!”


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