5-Step RESET™ Plan

Smash that wall keeping you from plugging into your most powerful self.  You see the other side, you know there’s more you’re capable of and there’s more out there for you- now it’s time for you to go get it!  

Jen’s 5-Step RESET™ Plan is an all-encompassing approach to take you into your most powerful state of being you’ve yet experienced!  With the overwhelming success of the 1:1 coaching program, Jen is now offering her course entirely online as well!  Here, you can self pace and follow along with the same content you would get as working with Jen in her 1:1 program!

Like her 1:1 course, this is designed to flex with your busy schedule, you won’t need to clear your schedule to change your life and start living more powerfully and limitlessly!

You’ll look at mindset, what doesn’t serve you, how to structure your space so you stay protected from outside forces, and how to exist daily in an elevated state! You’ll look at the ingredients in your space and make sure you’ve got the right mixture to take you to that next best version of yourself.

Become that better leader, become that better friend, become that better parent, become that better version of you because life is just too short to not be happy or at your best.  Smash that glass wall and become your best in your personal and professional life!



What You Will Gain

     -Clarity about life

     -Start living more powerfully

     -Improve your health       

     -Enhance your self-esteem

     -Love and respect the person in the mirror

     -Higher levels of energy and vitality

     -Deepen relationships

     -Become who you were meant to be!


Ready to RESET™ your life?!

The fastest way to RESET™ your life and unlock your full potential is by following this simple, poven 5-step methodology that will give you clarity, peace, strength, purpose and intent.

Your problem isn’t the problem

The thing you think is the problem, isn’t.  By tapping into your true source of positive energy, you will eliminate the negativity so that you can break free and let go of what weighs you down and finally experience true freedom and joy.

1 simple strategy yields huge results

By eliminating 90% of what you are currently doing and focusing on this one strategy that does not require any financial investment or leaving the comfort of your home you will experience happiness again.


 R-Recognize you are in a place you no longer want to be and commit to change. We dig into mindset and set the right foundation for your success.

E-Eliminate what doesn’t serve you and has been holding you back from the person you know you want to be.

S- Structure your life in a way that prevents what doesn’t serve you from entering your space and weighing you down.

E- Elevate your life to new heights and uncover your purpose. Experience true freedom and happiness in this elevated state that you now have built for yourself.

T- Create a lifestyle to support this transformational change in your life forever!


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5-Step RESET™

The online 5-Step RESET™ Plan is a course desiged to work with your busy schedule and makes sure you have the right structure in your life to support you as you go through this hectic life. You deserve to live life and be happy- the 5-Step RESET™ Plan is your path forward!

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