Jen Sugermeyer

-That’s SUGER with an ‘E’!!

Jen Sugermeyer was a corporate IT leader for 15 years living in two worlds.  From Afghanistan to DC to California to Texas- Jen has contracted with the federal government and worked in both corporate and private America.  As rosey and successful as it looked on the outside, she had become disconnect to the woman she saw in the mirror.  It was when she heard 7 words she discovered the key to happiness and how to RESET™ her life. 

Now entrepreneur, life coach, speaker, podcast host, author- Jen’s been featured on FOX, CBS, ABC, and more than 50 podcasts, magazines, and radio shows.

She has written two #1 best selling books; “RESET” and “Defining Your Boundaries”.  She is also the podcast host on Level Up To 2.0 where she helps others become the next best version of themselves.  


Meet Jen!


In addition to being 6’1″ and an avid wearer of heels, Jen is often seen jet setting, modeling, boxing, running the lake, dancing, spending time with friends, or doting over her niece, Olive!  There’s not much that Jen won’t try once, and she’s not afraid to dress up for the occasion- whatever that occasion may be! 

Jen is passionate about touching as many lives as she can and is big on fostering an environment and platform that has no shame, no stigma, no judgement.  Why?  Because we all deal with things and shame and stigma keep us from growth- and that’s what Jen is all about- growth!  In addition to her 1:1 and online coaching programs, her Level Up To 2.0 podcast is all about getting to the next best version! 

Her own life has been the fuel to get her to where she is today- you won’t want to miss her story of strength and hope!


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A few of the many faces….


Podcast Host
Podcast Host
By talking to you it helped RESET my thinking. Thank you!
Your chapter on victimhood gave me a completely new perspective on how I go about life. I never believed I was a victim until you explained what it meant to you! Thank you!
Jen has been instrumental for healing and repositioning my life for greater things to come!

Where it’s at!

Dallas, Texas- but Jen works remotely!

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