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"RESET" Introduction- Listen Here!

by Jen Sugermeyer


This Amazon #1 Best Seller takes readers on a journey to reclaim power over their life and their mind, and to learn to love and respect the person staring back at them in the mirror.

In her mid-30’s, Jen Sugermeyer looked at herself one day and had no idea who the woman was looking back at her. Though she appeared to have a successful job in Corporate America, was physically fit, had a beautiful home, and a great life, Jen was broken on the inside and living a life she didn’t want to share with anyone. Through her journey to reclaim power over her own life and her mind, she trademarked the steps she took and has boiled it down into this content packed and relatable book.

Inside this book, you’ll learn the building blocks to do a hard RESET on your life.  Jen will guide you to build the right environment and mindset to reclaim power over your life and to learn to love the person within.  Enjoy the journey as you rediscover the person within, learn to say ‘no’, and strengthen your mind to become your armor.  If you’ve ever tried and failed in the past to create real transformation in your life, this is your chance to claim the life, love, health and happiness you deserve once and for all. 

This book is amazing. I recently lost my Mother and experienced depression and loss of identity. This book was recommended to me and it’s been an invaluable tool in my healing. I just hope that one day I get to personally meet Jen and thank her!!!!

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This is a MUST have book. We all need to press the REST button sometimes when it comes to our life.

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The author is a young woman who has been through a lot. I am a 70yr old woman who has not. But I still fall into negative thinking and a victim mentality. Jen’s honesty and “beyond her years” wisdom left a deep impression on me. Her recovery is clearly hard earned and of great value to her. I highly recommend this book..

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5 Steps to Reclaim the Life You Thought You Lost & Learn to Love Yourself!



What’s stopping you?  No more Day-1s, today is it!  Get your copy of “RESET” today and create the transformation you’ve dreamed of!




Behind the scenes of "Defining Your Boundaries"- Listen Here!

by Jen Sugermeyer

“Defining Your Boundaries” 

Jen Sugermeyer wrote “Defining Your Boundaries” to help others claim personal and professional victory over their day-to-day lives.  If you have found yourself running into challenges with joy, satisfaction, productivity, self-esteem, or being blindsided by fear, anxiety or winding up in a state of panic then this book is for you.  Boundaries define how we live our lives and when we neglect to define them or loosely uphold them then we are destined for disappointment. 

“Defining Your Boundaries” will help you create your playbook so you get what you want out of life. Be a better companion, employee, boss, or parent and become your best self following the guidance found in this book.  Written for both personal and professional growth, enhance your footprint on this earth and become the strongest you today!

“Defining Your Boundaries” took me through personal and professional actions for my own life and business.  Jen walks the reader through establishing a mindset, understanding personal rights, where to focus ones energy and challenges you to define boundaries to ensure your expectations are met, personal success and high self-esteem.  As a business owner, I’ll be having all my employees read this book.

-Lann Snell, CEO/Founder of GeekGames WorldWide

“Confidence is Queen™” 

Coming SOON!

If cash is king then Confidence is Queen™!  And the best part- it’s free!  It takes confidence to make that money, to try new things, to fall in love, to ascend to leadership, to find happiness, to find harmony within yourself- it boils down to confidence!

Jen Sugermeyer is an ICF Certified Confidence Coach and is passionate about helping high-achieving women elevate their lives and reach their dreams.  

Her book is based off her coaching she uses with her clients and has reached massive, global success.

Stay tuned for the release of her next best-seller, Confidence is Queen™!

About the Author

Jen Sugermeyer was inspired to create and write “RESET” to help those struggling to find themselves and live the life they truly desire. Her trademarked process is based on her own personal experience leading a double life, worried that her two worlds would collide. Through her book and programs, Jen hopes to give others what took her so long to figure out — how to love the person looking back in the mirror.  

Jen’s life appeared picturesque on the outside. She was a successful woman in corporate America, physically fit, owned a house, gorgeous truck, traveled the globe and had stories for days. Behind the smile, she had many deep seated internal struggles she kept hidden for decades.  Jen’s double life almost claimed her life until seven words changed her thinking and she was finally able to break the cycle of destruction and find lasting change. After reclaiming power over her life and her mind, Jen finally found happiness, purpose and love. Now, known for her concept of “dating yourself”, her mission is to help those who have lost their self-love and identity along life’s journey.

Jen is a lover of life and now she can earnestly say of herself as well.  Learning self love was the key that unlocked her potential and helped her find her purpose.  She loves impacting the lives of others and strives to get her message out to help transform as many people as she can reach.

When she isn’t writing or coaching, you’ll find Jen and her 6’1” self boxing (watchout, she’s a southpaw with a reach!), exercising, being both in front of and behind the camera, traveling, spending time at the lake, hanging out with friends, family, and doting over her niece, Olive.

Originally a Virginia native, Jen Sugermeyer is now a Texan who lives with her cat, Booger, in the great city of Dallas.  For the last 15 years, Jen has worked in corporations around the globe in Washington, DC, Afghanistan, Virginia, California, Texas and even spent a couple years in Italy. 

Contact Jen Today!

Questions about Jen’s books?  Want to book her for your next meet?  Email her here!

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