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One of Jen’s many hobbies is to write.  It’s an art she’s always found therapeutic and albeit fitction or non-fiction, Jen loves the process of bringing a book to life.

In her recent years, she’s found self-help books to be her passion projects.  She has 2 #1 best-sellers, and in fall 2021 her third book Confidence is Queen released.

Jen is a strong supporter of higher education and self-improvement.  

“Life is a journey, we should always be growing.  If we’re not growing….we’re dying.  Where I was at 15 is not where I was at 35 and is not where I am today.  Mental maintainence is just as crucial as getting your oil changed!”

Jen Sugermeyer


“Confidence is Queen”

 The queen is the most powerful player in the game of chess; she can make all the moves.  With confidence, you too can make all the moves!  It’s a mindset- you already have everything you need inside of you!

Elevate your potential, impact, and experiences!  Get in the driver’s seat of your life today! 

“Defining Your Boundaries”

Boundaries are your life playbook.  What game is fun if you don’t understand the rules?  None.  To get what you want in life you need to have boundaries- which teach you and others how to play in your space. 

Learn how to say NO, how to communicate your boundaries, and how to uphold them!


Jen’s first best-selling book, RESET, details her 5-step methodology she uses with her clients.  Jen gets real and raw in this book with her own journey and how those 5-steps revolutionized her own life.  Now her trademarked program, Jen walks clients through the 5-steps to reclaim power over their life and learn to love themselves!


This book is amazing. I recently lost my Mother and experienced depression and loss of identity. This book was recommended to me and it’s been an invaluable tool in my healing. I just hope that one day I get to personally meet Jen and thank her!!!!”


“This is a MUST have book. We all need to press the RESET button sometimes when it comes to our life.”


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