Just like fitness- you need to workout your mind!

You’re 6″ to happiness!


Confidence is Queen™ 

Are you ready to be unstoppable? 

The queen is the most powerful player in the game of chess because she can make unlimited moves.  If you’re ready to step into your limitless potential, then you’re in the right place!

Everything you do in life requires confidence.  To stand up, sit down, love yourself, love someone else.  If you want to start a business, want to live more, or just want more out of life then you need confidence!  

Contact Jen today to learn about her 6-weeks Confidence is Queen™ program.  Your life will never be the same again!



Sound Familiar?

Everyone thinks you must have it all because it looks like you do?

You’re successful, but you feel hollow inside.

You’re great at adding accomplishments to your list- but you’d really like to find happiness in love.

You don’t recognize the person in the mirror.

You feel like you’re wasting potential.

You feel a lot of anger towards people and resentment when they’re happy.

You feel like you’re missing out on life and wonder when it’s your turn for happiness.

You want a happy home to go to at the end of the day.

 You roll your eyes when another wedding comes around and God forbid you’re in it.

Holidays feel lonely.


You’re in the right place!

Are You Living your dream?

I was accomplished- but I wasn’t fulfilled.

From the outside looking in- I had it all.  The job, the house, the body, but truth was- something was missing.  It felt like I was going through the motions of life- not living it.  Truth is- I wanted happiness, but I could only find it temporarily. 

I felt like I was missing out on what life had to offer- I saw everyone else and their happiness- and yet I was working late hours in the office while everyone else seemed to be out living their life.  

Then, I heard the 7-words that changed my life.  “Jen, you need to learn to love yourself.” 

My life changed in an instance.  I realized that all my problems weren’t actually the problems- they were symptoms- and I was the problem.  I needed to learn self-love and how to connect to my powersource.  When I did- my world changed…completely.

Now, I’ve stepped out of my corporate leadership career and I help other high-acieving women have a badass life to match their laundry list of accomplishments!

Life is too short to exist in it- time to start living it!

What You’ll Get

Jen offers a 5-month program where she takes a holistic approach to happiness and feeling complete.  Through a series of videos and 1:1 coaching, Jen will help establish the foundation to get the life you want.  

Mindset Toolbox

You’ll walk away with a toolbox of how to use your mind.  If you aren’t controlling it- it’s controlling you.  If you’re in suffering (anger, fear, resentment, etc.)- your mind is controlling you.  Learn how to have your mind work FOR you- not against you!

Improved Relationships

When you connect with yourself internally and make yourself whole- a phenomenon starts to happen.  Your relationships deep, they improve, they flourish!  Learn not only how to connect deeper with yourself- but improve the relationships around you!

Better Health

Ever thought about the impact the stress, the overwhelm, the anxiety, lack of sleep has on your body?  Fatigue,  weight gain, disease/illnesses, depression can be turned around when you start taking care of you.  No pills- just skills!


No more looking at everyone else and wondering when it’s your turn.  Let’s fill your cup up and you won’t have that lack in your life.  Happiness, peace, joy, love- all outcomes of going through the 5-month program with Jen!

start today!

Why start today?

If your life is like mine- it keeps speeding faster and faster.  The truth is- change doesn’t happen by chance- it happens when you make it happen.  If you’re reading this- then something in your life isn’t where you want it to be.  How much more of this do you want to endure?

I love working with clients that are at their wits end?  Why? Because in order to experience change, we need to want a new life more than the one we currently have.  That ‘I’m done with this’ attitude is the RIGHT attitude to have!  Let’s use that and channel it into a new, beautiful life for you!

There’s nothing you can do about yesterday, but you can start now and change your tomorrow.  Let’s get going before there’s more time that you can’t get back!

RESET: Recognize.Eliminate.Structure.Elevate.Transform

How it Works

Unlike many programs, we don’t offer a magic pill or an overnight success program.  It took you decades to get to where you are and you need to give yourself the time and grace to get you back on track!  We spend 5 months together working through mindset tools, assessing what isn’t serving you, understanding and establishing boundaries, and ultimately move into a beautiful state of being!  This course is designed for your busy schedule!


“By talking to you it helped RESET my thinking. Thank you!”
Isaiah M.

OMG- it just “CLICKED”!  I feel so relieved; like a weight was lifted off me!  Thank you, Jen!  You have been Instrumental for healing and repositioning my life for greater things to come!”

Chris G.

“Your view on victimhood gave me a completely new perspective on how I go about life. I never believed I was a victim until you explained what it meant to you! Thank you!”


Don’t wait any longer….

Start living today!

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Physically in Dallas, TX, but work with clients globally!

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