I’m Jen Sugeremeyer

ICF Certified Confidence & Transformational Coach

I help high-achieving women get more out of life by connecting to their power source! 

Achieve personal & professional success in 5-steps!

Confidence & Transformational Coach

Do you ever feel like you’ve become a slave to your responsibilities and you’ve lost that spark for life?  People ask how your day is going and you say ‘living the dream’ without really meaning it?  

That was me.

There’s one thing that can break the cycle of existing in our responsibilities and get us back to a life where we’re living powerfully and intentionally.

Do you know what it is?

It has nothing to do with buying into external ‘things’ that offer promises of a quick fix of happiness or wholeness.  No acupuncture, no neurolinguistic programming, no Chinese herbs, no magic pill.  The truth is, so many of us spend thousands upon thousands trying to get back to the person we once were, try to get that spark back, have close-knit relationships again, find our creativity, have respect for the person in the mirror again!

It’s creating a foundation within yourself that’s impenetrable.  It’s making you untouchable.  It’s removing that invisible rock that sitting on you holding you back from true freedom and happiness.

It’s time to invest in you.  When you do, you’ll be able to not just improve your professional and personal life, but you’ll be able to …

  • Stop existing and watching life pass by and start living!
  • Get the respect from yourself and others you deserve
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Have a fresh outlook that breeds creativity and clarity
  • Find the vitality and peace you once had!

And the most powerful truth is…

You already have access to the resources you need to break through and get that new you!

You just need a guide to show you the way and a catalyst to unleash this energy, passion, power and new you that’s inside wanting to come out!  You are the only way to your success, your happiness, your respect, and that life you want- not just the life you have.

My 5-Step RESET™ Plan is a proven program to help you get the life you keep watching pass by and wanting.  It’s designed to flex with your busy schedule and done at the convenience of your home- you won’t miss a beat.  Schedule your free consultation today! Confidence is Queen™- let me help you step into that space!


This 5-step RESET™ is designed to flex with your busy schedule.  Life doesn’t stop and neither do you.  You need a program that understands that!

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU!   RESET™ TODAY!             

Feel stuck?  Let’s unblock your mindset and your space so you can have the personal and professional growth you desire! 

Stop letting life pass you by

Reconnect with that amazing person you know is inside

Get your energy back

Improve your relationships

Find your happiness again

Lead a purposeful and intentally driven life

Start living the life you imagined TODAY!

Find that winning mindset!

Ready to RESET™ your life?!

The fastest way to RESET™ your life and unlock your full potential is by following this simple, poven 5-step methodology that will give you clarity, peace, strength, purpose and intent.

Your problem isn't the problem

The thing you think is the problem, isn’t.  By tapping into your true source of positive energy, you will eliminate the negativity so that you can break free and let go of what weighs you down and finally experience true freedom and joy.

1 simple strategy yields huge results

By eliminating 90% of what you are currently doing and focusing on this one strategy that does not require any financial investment or leaving the comfort of your home you will experience happiness again.

Bullet proof your mind

Learn to create a winning mindset by making minor shifts in the way you think!


What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Life coaching is that extra push- that extra accountability- to get you to that next level in your life.   Don’t just hear from me- read what the experts have to say!

Top 3 reasons coaches are engaged- Harvard Business Review

1- Develop high potentials or facilitate transition

2- Act as a sounding board

3- Address derailing behaviors



Is the executive highly motivated to change?- Harvard Business Review

YES: Executives who get the most out of coaching have a fierce desire to learn and grow and engage the coach.


How to find a coach that fits your needs- Forbes

1- Identify your personal or professionals goals.

2- Do your research on potential coaches.

3- Choose someone who specializes in your goals.



Why do clients seek a coach- HuffPost
  • Achieving your goals (64%)
  • Happiness (51%)
  • Finding your purpose (48%)
  • Doing what you love (44%)
  • Career (43%)
  • Confidence (39%)
  • Relationship/love (38%)


How effective is life coaching- HuffPost
  • 80% improved their self-confidence
  • 72% improved their communication skills
  • 57% improved their time management skills


About Jen

For 15 Years, Jen Sugermeyer climbed the corporate ladder.  From Afghanistan to the DC and around the US, Jen contracted with the Department of State, Department of Defense, and in both private equity and publically traded companies.

Jen created her RESET™ program after she looked at herself one day and realized she had become disconnected with the once vibrant woman inside.  Although she was doing well and staying afloat- she knew there was more to her personal and professional growth.  She now coaches other women in leadership that need that extra ‘umph’ to get them back to being vibrant, enhance their relationship, and help them get the most out of life.

She offers a proven holistic approach to life.  You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to take your life and your mindset to the next level!


“Jen took me through personal and professional actions for my own life and businesss.”

-Lann Snell, CEO

As humans we all have our ups and downs.  But when you get in a rut of depression, low self-esteem, and/or addiction and can’t grow out of it yourself, Jen Sugermeyer’s RESET methodology might just be the ticket to help you personally regain control of your life and love yourself once again.”

-Mike Grannan, Vice President

By talking to you, you helped RESET my thinking.  Thank you!

-Isaiah Merkel

Online Coaching Resources

"Defining Your Boundaries"

Want a playbook on how to get the life you want?  Look no further!

Visit Amazon or Barnes N Noble to get the paperback or ebook.  Audible can be found below.


Get a copy of Jen’s book “RESET” where she walks you through your own personal journey to get the life you’ve always wanted!

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

There’s no better time than today!  You won’t regret taking the most rewarding and life changing journey with Jen.  There’s no cost for a consultation– get on her calendar before it fills up.  Limited spaces available.

You can do this- Jen can help!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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