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The Confidence Coach

You have what you need inside of you!

Connecting you to your most powerful self using my 5-step reset® plan!

Everything you do comes down to confidence.  You need confidence to stand.  Confidence to walk.  Confidence to start a business.  Confidence to build relationships. Confidence to bring your wishes into reality.  Confidence is everything- and I’ll help you get there!

I help my clients build the foundation within themselves to become their most powerful versions of themselves and bring their visions into reality.   

We use my 5-step trademarked program to get you connected to your most powerful self.  You will go on a journey within your mind and your world and uncover strengths in your mind that you never knew existed.  You’ll uncover confidence you always wanted.  You’ll step into the version of you that you knew you could always be!  

If you’re in maintenance mode or achieving new goals- you need a coach!  Everyone on the field of life needs a coach!


The nitty-gritty- what to expect!

In a 5-month progam, we will go through the 5-Step RESET® plan.  We will have 11 sessions where we will go through the workflow in the plan outlined here.  This will include videos, homework, and 1:1 sessions.

Additionally, you will receive a BONUS mindset video to be watched before starting the RESET® course.

This course is designed to flex with your busy schedule.  I know what it’s like to be that high-achieving and busy woman!  This course will work with you and for you!


Hi! I’m Jen!

If you’re ready to make transformation in your life, if you’re ready to take your life to the next level, if you’re looking to deepen the relationship with yourself and with others, and gain the confidence needed to bring your wishes into reality- you’re in the right place!

I was on the hamster wheel for 15-years as I climbed the corporate ladder.  Sure, I was accomplishing things and was challenging myself, but something was missing.  I wasn’t fully plugged into my power source!    If I had only known about a coach while I was existing in life- I would have started living YEARS before I actually saw the light! 

I realized there was something missing and I went on a quest to figure out why I was achieving things in my life but I didn’t feel complete!  As I went on this journey for my personal progress, I realized I was working a program.  I ended up writing my first best-seller, RESET, trademarked my program, and began coaching others on the same journey.  I left corporate and decided to coach full-time because my calling is to uplift you!

Contact me today to see how I can help you get your wishes into reality!

What you’ll gain



Untouchable Mindset


Improved Health


Inner Strength

Improved Relationships

More Time



Happiness & Peace

Happy Clients

“OMG- it just CLICKED!  I feel so relieved; like a weight was lifted off me.  Thank you , Jen!  You have been instrumental for healing and repositioning my life for greater things to come!”

Jen Sugermeyer’s RESET methodology might just be the ticket to help you personally regain control of your life and love yourself once again.”

“I was stuck on a hamster wheel, suffering from insecurities, victim mentality, and dissatisfied with my life.  After completing the Untouchable Mindset course, I am in control, empowered, and elevated to a mindset that is untouchable.  I would highly recommend taking this course!”

There’s no time like the present!

Let’s get your journey started today!

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