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Confidence is at the core of everything you want to do.  Whatever challenge, problem, issue you face- you need confidence.  Small or large, everything requires confidence and it’s the key to living life on your terms. Learn how tap into your most powerful self so you show up authentically and limitlessly!

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About The Book

Jen Sugermeyer wrote Confidence is Queen to show the way to solve any problem.  Confidence is the key to face and tackle everything; your challenges, your fears, your hesitations, and it opens the door to the life you want!  If you’re starting a business, looking for love, ready to ask for that raise, looking for self-love, ready to find happiness, then confidence is your answer!

As cash is to king, confidence is to queen.  But you need to have cash to be king.  You already have confidence within you; we all do.  With confidence, you can do, be, get everything you want in life, including cash.  The queen is the most powerful player in the game of chess, she can make all the moves.  Learn how to start calling the shots in your life. Confidence is a mindset, and mindset is a choice. 


The life you want is only a millimeter shift from where you are now.  Understand how the six inches in between your ears holds your confidence to go out and live life on your terms.

What’s inside


Find self worth and value


How to change your experiences in life


Stop fearing the unknown


How to show up more powerfully


Becoming your authentic self


How to tap into your confidence

Chapter 1

I have a little secret to share with you.

Everything you need is already inside of you.  The answers, the strength, the how.  The way to it is to tap into your confidence.

Regardless of every preconceived notion you may have, confidence is an inside job.  Yes, you can put on an outfit you feel good in and dial up that confidence.  You can pull your shoulders back and walk with intention.  You can get your hair done and put on heels that make you feel like a million bucks.  That will only get you so far.  The inside is where the magic happens and is that motor that will keep you in forward motion.  Your actions, your demeanor, the way you show up is a direct reflection of what is happening on the inside.  Everything boils down to confidence. 

Takes confidence to love yourself, to take control of your life, to start a new business, to jump into a relationship, to start a family, to ask for that raise, to change jobs, to hang out by yourself, to show up every day and do the dang thing!  Confidence is constantly coming into play in your life if you realize it or not.  Confidence is the way to get everything you can dream out of this life.

I want this book to be more than just another motivational, rah-rah kind of book.  I want this to transform the way you show up in your everyday life.  I want you to walk away and know how to take control of your world and be seen in the way you should be seen.  I want you to feel confident to step into new opportunities and try new things, so you don’t live a life of regret or question if you shoulda, coulda, woulda. 



About the author.

International speaker, Jen Sugermeyer helps high-achievers transform their experiences and shows them how to live limitlessly. references Jen as a Mindset Expert.  She believes the six inches in between your ears is what gives you freedom or holds you captive.  Everything you could want in life is a millimeter shift away. 

She’s the CEO of JSUG and Higher in Heels; two companies centered around mindset mastery.  She’s an ICF Certified Coach, keynote speaker, podcast host, daily morning show host, global traveler, and upcoming TEDx speaker. 

She’s been interviewed on FOX, CBS, ABC, published by Springer Publisher, has numerous features in, and has been on more than 50 podcasts, radio, and magazines around the world.  She’s an international speaker and is set out to change the world. 

She lives in Dallas, Texas with her fur baby, Booger.


Jen Sugermeyer

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