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Leadership Development Training & Coaching

The leadership of your organization set the culture in the office.  Every leader needs to undergo leadership training to be equipped to handle the pressures of leading a team, a department, a project, a business.

We have everything we need inside of us, but it’s an unfair assumption that everyone knows how to utilize their skills, their mind, and optimize themselves.

Jen offers 1:1 leadership coaching as well.

employees are the business

Lunch & Learns

The University of Warwick found that employee productivity was 12% higher with happy employees and 10% less productive with unhappy workers. 

With COVID, we’ve seen higher rates of burnout, isolation, and the CDC reports that ~40% of people are dealing with poor mental health.

Time to invest in your employees to help them keep their minds strong, combat burnout, and be overall happier in their personal and professional lives.

Departmental alignment

Strategic Departmental Alignment Consulting 

Ever wonder if your departments are aligned? 

Are your employees aligned with your mission, vision, and values?

Get your company all singing on the same page by conducting an analysis of your organization.  Through interviews and an analysis of deliverables, will produce an analysis of the organization and suggestions moving forward.

Don’t waste time, get everyone on the same page so you can move forward effectively.

Charge Forward

Jen Sugermeyer

MBA, ICF Certified Coach

15-year corporate IT Leader, Jen led global operations in public, private, and government contract jobs. 

Jen spent a year in Afghanistan, worked in Main State in Washington, D.C., has worked coast-to-coast and now lives in Dallas, Texas.  

Jen now works with corporations to tackle the disconnect and issues she saw while working in all levels of management.  

At the management level down to the employee- we need to create an environment everyone wants to work.  Happy employees produce at a 12% higher rate, so let’s focus on the people!


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