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 What if I told you I have a solution to increase the productivity of your workforce by 12%, and it didn’t require any major changes to your company.  No new technology, no process change, no reduction in force, at a marginal cost, would that pique your interest?

There is an epidemic of unhappiness that is rampant throughout the world.  Dissatisfaction in one or all areas of someone’s life can have a major impact on their productivity and energy they put forth.   The University of Warwick found that employee productivity was 12% higher with happy employees and 10% less productive with unhappy workers. 

Sarah Pressman at the University of California, Irvine, found the probability of dying early is 70% higher for people with poor social relationships, to include stress at work. This is higher than the 20% rate for people with obesity and 50% higher for smokers. 

If the stress of work and social relationships wasn’t alarming enough, roughly 70% of employees are dissatisfied with their career choices, and 71% of employees are looking for new employment opportunities.  With a job market booming, and endless options of jobs, it’s easy for your employees to go find other opportunities.  But, I’d ask, why are they seeking new opportunities?  Is there something inside each employee that is so unhappy that their job becomes the scapegoat for their unhappiness?  What if we were able to target the human mind and unleash the happiness from within.  What if that happiness trickled over into work and employees were fundamentally happier and productivity increased?  

According to the benchmark of SHRM, the average cost to on-board a new employee is $4,125.  That doesn’t take into account all the time to train and other investments made and months spent to get the employee up to speed.  What if you invested just that much, but could impact your entire workforce?

Using Jen’s RESET™ program and book, she helps transform the employee’s mind to find the happiness that exists inside.

At what point will you start investing in the happiness of your employees?  The proof is in the numbers, and it will hit your bottom line as a company, without anymore than a phone call to Jen. 

Meet Jen Sugermeyer

From East Coast to West Coast, Italy and Afghanistan, Jen has worked around the globe in a variety of corporate roles.  Jen has worked for public and private companies, was a contractor with the federal government, and is now the CEO of JSUG Creations.

Jen found her way climbing the corporate ladder and had a seemingly put together life, though was secretly hiding a life of dysfunction and misery.  As she battled having lost power over her mind which came out in forms of depression and alcoholism, Jen was going through the motions at work chasing dreams she didn’t know she wanted.  She had good days and bad days at the office, but the dissatisfaction was a pervasive theme.   Jen understands the power of the mind and the positive impact it can make on the workforce, she went through the exact steps she now coaches on to help others find satisfaction and happiness in their lives.  By transforming her mind, she found herself to be a better employee, increased job satisfaction, and was able to align with the direction of her career.

What are you waiting for?

Dissatisfied with the job

70% of employees are dissatisfied with their job and looking for new opportunities

Happiness increases productivity

Employees are 12% more productive when they are happy, and 10% less when they are unhappy

Start investing in your bottom line

Imagine getting 12% more productivity simply by investing in their happiness

Schedule Today!

Using her program, RESET, Jen will deliver an inspiring and transformational message designed to reframe the mind and target the core of our happiness muscle.

Don’t delay, book her for your next event and start getting the productivity gains everyone will benefit from!

Get a head start and have your employee read her Best Selling book, Reset.  Found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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