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Transform your personal and professional through the mind and millimeter shifts to your life!  Gain peace, clarity, time, abundance! 


Confidence and actions turn wishes into reality. It’s not just a destination, but the journey within yourself


-Jen Sugermeyer

Transform the way you show up in life; in the office, at home, in your own mind by tapping in to the power of your mind.  Get peace, clarity, and the happiness you deserve!
Start living- life’s too short to exist! 



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Hi, I’m Jen- and I’ve been there!


Years ago, life was 100% happening to me.  During my 15-year corporate career as an IT leader, I found myself caught in the whirlwind of life.   I got frustrated, I was resentful, I found myself angry- and it happened more than I led on.  I kept wondering, when is it my turn to enjoy life and be happy?

I was pretty unsatisfied in many areas of my life, even though it looked like I had it all; the good job, the house, the body, the friend.  

Then, I hit my breaking point; 


That’s when I set out to figure out what was going on with me and why did I feel like I was existing through this life- I wanted to be living it!

Turns out, I wasn’t taking control of my life.  I discovered the tools to step into the most powerful version of myself.  My professional and personal life changed!  And now, I help others tap into their clarity, peace, flow, and happiness so they are operating at their highest potential every day!

Schedule a free consultation with me to understand how I can help you, your organization, or your leaders become the best version of themselves with the clarity and peace to do anything!


OMG- it just “CLICKED”!  I feel so relieved; like a weight was lifted off me!  Thank you, Jen!  You have been Instrumental for healing and repositioning my life for greater things to come!


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Ready to have breakthroughs at work, deeper relationships, happiness, live limitlessly, walk confidently into a room and feel good being seen?


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1:1 Coaching

In less than an hour every other week, you can get un-stuck and go from existing back to being vivacious, intentionally driven, energetic and loving the person you see in the mirror! 

Keynote Speaker

Want to deliver an unforgettable and inspirational message to your audience?  Jen’s story and message will have your audience on their feet and a speech that will be with them for a lifetime!


Enhance your panel and podcasts with Jen as you get the opportunity to dig deep and get personal with Jen.  Talk about mindset hacks, tips for success, the importance of staying connected with oneself, mental health and more!

Jen’s Books

Jen has published 2 #1 Best Selling Books.  Good for the home, good for the office.  Make sure you get a copy today!  Found on most online book stores, including Amazon, Barnes N Nobel, iTunes and Audible!

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Don’t let life pass you by any longer.  Don’t question what speaker you want at your next event.  Stop researching your next panel guest.  Contact Jen today!

Jen is so authentic.  Her story will help a lot of people.

- Duane Osterlind

As humans we all have our ups and downs.  But when you get in a rut of depression, low self-esteem, and/or addiction and can’t grow out of it yourself, Jen Sugermeyer’s RESET methodology might just be the ticket to help you personally regain control of your life and love yourself once again.

- Mike Grannan, Vice President

OMG- it just “CLICKED”!  I feel so relieved; like a weight was lifted off me!  Thank you, Jen!.  You have been Instrumental for healing and repositioning my life for greater things to come!

- Anonymous

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