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Jen Sugermeyer offers content-packed keynote speeches tailed to inspire and motivate your audience for action!

Choice Based Leadership


Choice is the most fundamental element every leader needs to understand.  Without embracing it, you are leaving your life, your business, your success to chance.

Your audience will walk away with:

  • -The understanding of the power of choice
  • -How to take full control of your choices 
  • -Understanding that the absence of choice is leaving life, your business, and your success to chance


Step into your Uniquedom™

There’s not one of us that is made the same, yet society promotes this idea of conformity.  I will bring to light why stepping into your unique space, Uniquedom™, is what will set you apart and put you on the winning path!  Stop going unnoticed or uncomfortable in your own skin- embrace your Uniquedom™!


Boundaries for leaders!

Boundaries may look restrictive, but they’re actually the playbook that gets you what you want out of life.  In the office or at home, you need to have boundaries in order to accomplish what you want.  Learn how to start saying yes to you and get the results you’re looking for!

Date Yourself™

We always hear- you need to connect with yourself, learn to love yourself, but how do you actually do it?  Where do you even start?

I’ll tell you the exact steps to get started on your journey of reconnection and self-love and respect!  Time to Date Yourself™!


Tailored for any audience!

Looking for a speaker for your next leadership event?  Inspire your employees and leave them feeling refreshed and energized.  Leave your audience with that winning mindset that will help them achieve their goals and step into a better version of themselves.

If it’s Executive Leadership, Information Technology, Sales, Business Development, Health & Wellness, Finance, Marketing, Jen delivers keynote speeches that are applicable to all areas of our lives and makes that connection to success for you and your team.

Contact her today so she can tailor that powerful speech your team needs!

make the right choice

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