Stop the push through…it’s time for you!

Make 2022 Your year!

Kick-start 2022 with a challenge!  Get clarity, focus, and get going!

Say goodbye to existing in life and start living it! 

Elevate your potential, impact, & experiences!

Connect to your powerhouse

The only way through…is you!  You are your powerhouse.  You’re responsible for your happiness, success, enjoyment!  We’ll go through the steps of how to connect to the most powerful version of yourself!

Mindset Mastery

Learn how to take control of your mind instead of it controlling you!  We dig into the most powerful mindset hacks and once you learn- you won’t unlearn!  Life will never look the same again!

Elevate Your Confidence

Confidence is the key to everything!  Learn how to unleash unlimited potential and show up authentically to you!  “As is your confidence, so is your capacity!”  – William Hazlitt

What will you gain?

It’s not just the gym you should think about on Jan-1.

What about your joy, peace of mind, goals, dreams, happiness?

Make this the year you say goodbye to pushing through and existing!



Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Frustration

You are not in your most powerful state of being when you’re suffering (fear, frustration, anger, resentment, anxious, stress, bored).  These are states created in the mind and you’ll learn how to control them so they don’t control you!


Increase Positivity

When we eliminate negativity and suffering then you have no other choice but to be more positive!  


Improved Health

When you’re happy, you sleep better, think clearer, and can improve your overall health!  Our bodies release toxins when we’re under stress so let’s reverse bad health and maybe even the stress lines on your face!


Improve Relationships

When you’re hurting, it’s easier to push people away, not value them, and not want people close to you.  When you start to heal you’ll watch your relationships improve as a result of your renewed happiness in life!


Clarity on your Goals/Purpose

Wonder what life is all about?  We’ll get clear and set out your 2022 so you have direction in the next 11 months of the year!


Learn to Put Your First!

Learn how to put yourself first and not feel guilty about it or take away from your regular responsibilities!  

What You Get

Signature Training Videos

Get access to a 3-part series with 24 life changing videos in your own learning portal! Retail is $497 (so basically you’re paying $100 for the 8-week group coaching if you buy before Nov-15!)

Part 1- Connect to Your Power Source

Part 2- Mindset Mastery

Part 3- Elevate Your Confidence

8-Weeks Group Coaching

Starting January 4th, we’ll have a group of high-achievers receiving the coaching to get them to the next level of their personal and professional lives.  With coaching from Jen, this is an unbelievable steal! 


Why do this life alone?!  Feed off the energy of other high-achievers.  Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your next business partner or best friend!  We are better together and all ships rise with the tide!  Let’s do this!

About Jen

Jen is a Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Certified Transformation Coach, Podcast & Daily Show Host.  She is obsessed with the mind and helping high-achiever get more out of this life!  

She was in IT Leadership for 15-years and made the transition to helping people maximize their own lives after realizing she looked good on paper, but her life lacked a lot.  

She’s excited to help you make the most of your 2022 and the rest of your life! 


You’re already amazing. Let’s make your life match it!


Dallas, Texas


(571)  426-0413


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