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About Jen’s Programs

Jen’s programs are designed to identify the gap and offer tools and solutions to help you strengthen your mind and move out of existing and suffering and into living.

The Untouchable Mindset is the base to which you build your life on.  Neglecting mindset and trying to find happiness is like building a house without the foundation.  It’s offered as an individual course, and is also the first step in the 5-Step RESET™ Plan.  

The 5-Step RESET™ Plan is a course designed to look at all areas of your life and make sure it has the right ingredients.  It’s making sure the mind is strong, eliminating what is holding you back, putting boundaries and structure in place, finding your purpose, and focusing on making this ‘new you’ a life transformation.

Both the Untouchable Mindset & the 5-Step RESET™ Plan are offered as part of Jen’s 1:1 coaching program as well.  Schedule a FREE consultation with Jen today for that extra accountability and deeper dive into getting you out of existing and loving that person in the mirror again.

The Untouchable Mindset Course is designed to empower you to engage the tools you already own.  Millimeter mindshifts can make the world of difference in your life.  You won’t want to miss this couse and the incredible price!

The online 5-Step RESET™ Plan is a course desiged to work with your busy schedule and makes sure you have the right structure in your life to support you as you go through this hectic life.  You deserve to live life and be happy- the 5-Step RESET™ Plan is your path forward! 

Book your free consultation with Jen today to understand how she can help you with getting you on the path to happiness, living, loving, self-esteem, and self-respect!  Jen follows the 5-Step RESET™ Plan methodology, which also includes the Untouchable Mindset course as well. It’s FREE!  Book below!


Jen Sugermeyer

15-year corporate, ladder climber, Jen was really good at showing the world what they wanted to see.  She looked successful, had a beautiful home, traveled the world, she had a beautiful life.  But, behind the scenes, she was unraveling.  

After 10-years of spending thousands and thousands of dollars to help ‘fix’ her and make her feel whole again, Jen discovered the 5-Step RESET™ Plan and her entire world changed.  She has one aim in life- to help others reconnect with their power and help them the happiness and peace that she found in her own life.