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RESET was written from my heart to yours.  I took my emotional life journey and disclosed the exact steps I took to become my best self!  I want you to walk through each chapter, each step, and take to heart the content in this book.  I want you to have what I have: hope, peace, love and happiness!  

It’s a holistic approach to your life, and we’re going to do some amazing transformations of the mind! 

I’m so excited for you, we are on this journey together!

If I can transform my life, so can you!  Become untouchable today!


 ~Jen Sugermeyer

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Episode 26: Was That A Red Flag?

Episode 26: Was That A Red Flag?

Boy, haven’t we all looked back in hindsight and thought, that was a red flag! In this episode, we talk to the author of “Was That A Red Flag”, Dean Anderson, who talks to us a little more about how to identify those flags, those signs, those warnings, when it comes to relationships so you too can have the soulmate of your dreams.

Episode 25- Mental Health Awareness Month

Episode 25- Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month- so let’s talk about it! The CDC reports 41% of people coming out of COVID have some form of poor mental health- that’s almost doubled from pre-COVID. As a society, the more we talk about it- the healthier we’ll be, the less stigma that exists, and the more we pave the way for future generations. Let’s do how we do on the Level Up To 2.0 and get real, raw, and honest about mental health.

Episode 24- Cancer Survivor- it’s a mindset with Fitz Koehler

Episode 24- Cancer Survivor- it’s a mindset with Fitz Koehler

Imagine. You’re on the top of your game, a fitness expert, the most prominent race announcers around the US. Then, you get the news; you have cancer. Fitz Koehler was diagnosed with cancer and fought it with a mindset of steel. She wasn’t going to be a victim, she was adamant to be a victor. Tune in to hear her compelling story of how she traveled America while going through chemo and didn’t skip a beat. She’s turned a tragedy into triumph, became a voice in a world she never expected to experience, and found a tribe she never imagined she’d find!

       Transform your office happiness

               and productivity rate!

Using her program, RESET, Jen will deliver an inspiring and transformational message designed to reframe the mind and target the core of our happiness muscle.

Don’t delay, book her for your next event and start getting the productivity gains everyone will benefit from!

Get a head start and have your employee read her Best Selling book, Reset.  Found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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