RESET Program

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. " -Maya Angelou
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Learning through life's trials, one day at a time!

I knew as a child I wanted to help others, but I always imagined it would be more from an academic playbook rather than first-hand experience.  As Maya Angelou said best, “there is no greater agony than an untold story inside of you”.  

I’ve been given the great opportunity to learn many of life’s teaching first hand, and I want to share them with you!  We should learn and grow from each other, and I’d love to hear if there is a topic you want to talk about.  

I remained silent for too long, and I want to help give you a voice, inspire you, and help you along your journey!

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Jen’s Blog

I am Sober Podcast with Jen and Liz- Jan-20

I am Sober Podcast with Jen and Liz- Jan-20

Jen goes global and speaks with the fabulous Liz in the UK on addiction and recovery. Liz gets down to the nitty-gritty and asks Jen the challenging questions about her past, her struggles, her success, and how she maintains her new life.   These ladies open up and...

Jen’s RESET™ Program

1. Recognize

Recognizing you are in need of a change is the first step in creating lasting change

2. Eliminate

Eliminate what’s been holding you down keeping you from happiness in your life

3. Structure

Structure your mind and your life to support 


4. Elevate

Elevate your life to new heights and 


5. Transform!

Create a lifestyle to support lasting change in your life.  

Because life is learned through experiences!

My Highlights

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