Take your public event to the next level with Jen’s compelling and relatable story of taking back power over her mind and reviving a life she thought she lost.  

Inspire your crowd with her story of strength and hope.  Make your event even more memorable with her impactful and unforgetable message.


Inspire and motivate your corporate or private event with Jen’s heartfelt and actionable story of how she got real with herself and got real results.

If you’re looking for increased morale and productivity gains, Jen is the woman for your next event!

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Get intimate with Jen and ask the questions people want to ask, and get the answers your audience wants to know.  Getting power over your mind, the ugly truth about addiction, learning to break cycles and patterns in your life, leaving abusive relationships, learning to love yourself, living a double life, the unspoken truth about eating disorders, and more! 

She’ll get real, she’ll get raw.

Inspire your listeners with a story of strength and hope, get actionable advice, and leverage her life to help make that positive impact you’re seeking to achieve.


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Self Help, Self love, Addiction, Recovery, Eating Disorders, Physical and Mental Abuse, Double-Life, BDD, Self Hate, Reclaiming your life, Finding your purpose, Learning to love, Learning to live, Learning to let go, God….

Jen can speak to an array of topics- and can customize to meet your needs.

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